Consumers are demanding more and more often sustainable and fair products with regard to clothing. Existing brands are adjusting their range, new sustainable clothing brands are being created and consumer awareness of sustainable pioneers is becoming greater. 


Clothing will be presented during Pureness that is at least made of organic cotton. In addition, producers and organisations will stand out individually due to their additional sustainable added value, fair working conditions or sustainable water use.





GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and is the leading quality label with regard to organic textile. If textile carries the GOTS quality label, this means that at least 70% of the used fibres (both vegetable and animal) comes from organic farming (be this crops or cattle). The other 30% may consist of conventionally grown but gentech free natural fibres such as, for example, linen and hemp. Cotton and angora wool are kept outside this 30% scheme: they must always be produced organically. The product's label specifies the percentage of organic fibres of the specific product.


GOTS not only guarantees the mainly organic origin of the fibres, but also that the products are produced fairly. That is, the conditions in the factories or workshops are appropriate, that employees receive a decent pay for their work and that child labour is not involved. To conclude, a clothing factory must have a sustainability plan with regard to energy, waste and water.


There are two versions of the GOTS quality label:

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